Dusk Rises, 2019

Who is there to twist my wrist.
I will dance with you over,

until we meet again. 
They watch as you grow solid in this new soil. 
Weaved rhythms that bond absence have grown bliss

but still,
they witness as you love.
Keep clean the metallic sole on your feet.
Let them protect your tender.
Be careful not to drown in puddles to bask in gold rivers.
Would you still love me?
If I knew me?  


I Just Wanted, 2018

How would it feel to be caressed in your mind

as much as you’re held in my memory? 


 On what was incomplete.

Fracturing the wings of what was never.


I miss you.

Still. I Paint over wounds,

 knowing what to ignore,  

As you were never to be opened but desired. 

Glide your hair on my open chest connecting every coil to every vein.


I ache,

but flesh feels every bit of desire fulfilled. 

You were there.

I was blind.

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